Straighten out roundabout users

A few thoughts for our roundabout users: approaching vehicles should exercise caution and ‘give way’ when approaching a roundabout.

No, I’m sorry, but it is not your immediate right of way and you are not the only driver on the road. Indicators are used for exactly that purpose; not all other road users are telepathic. And, there are no prizes to see who can reach their exit first.

This is not a complex quadratic equation or rocket science, it’s really very simple.

Use roundabouts slowly, with caution and with respect for the traffic laws and other road users. It’s obviously too simple for everyone to grasp.

Could the responsible parties please issue further information/instructions on the correct usage of roundabouts for the general public? Our young drivers need to be especially educated as with newly acquired driver’s licences they are learning by example and from observing other road users.

Unfortunately, this is where they pick up bad (and oftentimes dangerous) driving habits and lack of respect for other road users. Cayman is getting infamous for its many road users with zero common road courtesy.

A suggestion: could speed bumps be used on the approaching lanes in order to force oncoming vehicles to slow their approach to a roundabout?

The correct usage of our roundabouts would provide more stream-lined traffic flow (which is the entire purpose of a roundabout), fewer ‘fender-benders’ and certainly less cause for finger gestures and use of profanity.

We all know these problems have been going on for a long time. However, there’s really one true solution. It’s the first law of driving: respect other road users and follow the traffic rules.

Name withheld by request

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