Road rage unacceptable

We have just returned home after our annual visit to Grand Cayman. We are truly shocked and appalled at the amount of youngsters being killed or injured on the roads of Cayman. It is such a terrible waste of precious lives.

It is not only the accidents that are so shocking, but also the incidents of hit-and-run. Is it the gang culture that seems so prevalent there now that is responsible?

Road rage on Cayman – I never thought I would see the day.

The parents of those killed are in a living nightmare situation not being able to find the truth of what happened to their beloved children. They must be afforded the courtesy of truth and justice.

I spent some time with one such parent, a lifelong friend. Believe me, her grief is almost unbearable. She, in particular, needs some closure, but until she learns the truth of what exactly happened, she will never be able to go on with her own life. She needs to know why her child was killed. She needs to know why the other driver was whisked away from the scene of a fatal accident by so-called friends. Why one 911 call was not acted upon.

I just hope that this situation does not get any worse. Young Caymanians are the future of that beautiful island. The sacrifice of losing them, in this way, is unacceptable.

Name withheld by request

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