Civilised nation?

I could not for years understand how a civilized, cultured nation like Germany could initiate such a horrible event as the Holocaust.

As a Jamaican national, I clearly see now how this is possible. The venom and vitriol that’s being poured out on the airwaves and the print media make me think that this supposedly civilized, Christian country could do to the Jamaicans as the Germans did to the Jews.

What would be interesting, however, is if there were a Holocaust in Cayman and the same rules were applied as in Nazi Germany, and anyone with even an infinitesimal amount of Jamaican blood were sent to the gas chamber. I wonder how many ‘pure-blooded’ Caymanians would be left alive. Food for thought, eh?

I will take the coward’s way out and sign as is customary now.

Name withheld by request

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