Dodging drivers adds to traffic

Motorists using side roads as rat-runs to try and dodge traffic hold ups are causing headaches along West Bay Road.

Some vehicles travelling from West Bay towards George Town are said to be turning left near Indies Suites and using back roads to travel towards Safe Haven where they then push their way back into the main road traffic.

And although steps have been taken to tackle the situation in the morning rush hour, the problem has now allegedly spread to other busy times of the day

‘They are not gaining very much and all they are doing is holding up the guys that should have the right of way,’ says local businessman Andy Parsons of Andy’s Rent-a-Car.

Mr. Parsons frequently uses his lunch break to travel to his West Bay home only to find himself held up in early afternoon main road traffic on the way back.

And when that happens he has noticed vehicles ‘streaming down the side road,’ and then causing frustration and anger by forcing their way back into the West Bay Road flow further up.

‘They are often people with big SUVs, trucks and buses and you can’t challenge people like that,’ he says.

‘People are following the example of others and something has got to be done,’ he adds.

Traffic hold ups and frustrations along the road are often making it difficult for him and other road users, says Mr. Parsons.

‘It is getting to the stage where I have to decide whether to bother going home or not at that time of the day,’ he says.

He also feels that the growing number of people living in the Governors Harbour area are probably increasingly having their access affected by drivers dodging down the side roads.

RCIP Deputy Commissioner Rudi Dixon told the Caymanian Compass on Monday that police were well aware of the problem.

He said there was a road sign indicating no left towards Indies Suites from 7am to 9am and that there was usually a police presence there from 7am to 8.30am.

‘We are aware that the situation has been causing a problem in recent weeks and we are addressing it,’ said Mr. Dixon.

He also said they were looking at having police there before 7am and who would then stay there until the traffic subsided.

Mr. Dixon said they were aware of the lunch time problem but said there was no provision in law to enforce the prohibition at other times.

But when there was extra congestion they would put a police presence there to help with the traffic flow, he said.

Mr Dixon also pointed out that the RCIP had ordered a number of motorcycles which were ideal to be able to get police quickly to any area where there was a traffic problem and deal with it.

‘At this particular time of the year there’s a lot of traffic on the road so people should look at travelling outside the known congested times,’ he said.

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