Monetary Authority has last laugh

The finals of the Youth and Sports Corporate Basketball League were staged recently with the defending champs, Youth and Sports, taking on the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. In their previous five meetings over the past 3 seasons, CIMA had never been able to overcome Y&S and the desire to get the monkey off their backs was clearly evident.

From the tip-off both teams revealed their game-plans; CIMA were going to push the ball on every opportunity and utilize their athletic advantage while Y&S were slowing the ball down and making CIMA work as much as possible on defense while designating Collin Anglin to chase CIMA’s top player, Antonio Thompson. However, CIMA adjusted their strategy and used their other offensive weapons: Theresa Hamil, William Peguero and Leslie Harvey to exploit the Y&S defense.

Both teams were neck and neck for the entire game; trading basket after basket and hitting one big shot after another; But in the end it would be CIMA that would have the last laugh and would be the first team to dethrone Youth and Sports 57-51

Top scorers CIMA: Leslie Harvey – 20 points, William Peguero -16. Youth and Sports: Collin Anglin 27 points and Victor O’Garro with 15.

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