Cayman National carollers bring Christmas joy

In keeping with the traditions of Christmas, Cayman National staff walked the corridors of the Pines Retirement and Golden Age Homes and the two hospitals where they shared the Christmas spirit through the singing of Christmas carols.

‘In spite of the busy schedule, which we all have, we at Cayman National recognize that Christmas for many of our people will not be as happy as it will be for most of us. Christmas can be a lonely time for many folks, and in keeping with our commitment to supporting the community, carolling at the retirement homes has become another Cayman National tradition’, said Claudia Welds of Cayman National.

According to Ms Welds, staff looks forward to being able to greet and extend a hand of fellowship to the staff and residents of the homes, and to fill the corridors of the hospitals with the familiar tunes of Christmas music.

‘It is such a special treat to see the smiles on the faces of the children in the hospital, even if they are not feeling well.

‘It was not just a special treat for those whom we shared with, but it was a special treat for me, it is such a wonderful feeling when we are able to set aside time to spend with the less fortunate, and after all that is what Christmas is all about,’ said a member of staff.

The message expressed by the Cayman National carollers, conveyed a wish for the love, peace and joy of Christmas to be experienced in the hearts of all, forever.