Ruby joins Marriott staff

The Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort has welcomed an exciting new face to its staff of the Red Parrot Restaurant.

The latest recruit is the perfect fit for the Resort’s breakfast restaurant. She is of the feathery kind, it is her first job and she is a beautifully coloured female Eclectus Parrot, named Ruby.

Ruby starts the day by welcoming and chatting to Resort guests and Cayman residents as they sit down to their a la carte breakfast at the Red Parrot Restaurant each morning from 7-11am. Visitors can also visit Ruby during the afternoons at the Resort’s martini and tapas bar, Balboa’s Lounge.

Mr. Chris Sariego, managing director of the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, said he welcomed Ruby to the Marriott family and believed she brought with her an ideal mix of colour, character and tropical heritage to the Resort, which recently won the honoured title of Grand Cayman’s Leading Hotel for 2005.

‘Ruby symbolises a very exciting year ahead for the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort. After a challenging but rewarding year for the Resort in 2005, the arrival of Ruby symbolises the vibrancy we promise to deliver to Grand Cayman in 2006,’ he said.

‘The colour and energy Ruby brings with her perfectly symbolises the attitude of the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort as we celebrate the first year in our newly renovated $15 million Resort. The Ruby effect will radiate further as we launch a series of exciting exhibitions by prominent Caymanian artists, which we are planning for early 2006,’ he said.

The distant heritage of Ruby descends from the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, and north eastern Australia. Before working in the tourism industry the Eclectus parrots were predominantly tree-dwellers whose indigenous habitats were in and around lowland tropical forests. Ruby was hand reared in the USA and is 9 months old.

Typical of the female Eclectus parrot, Ruby’s colouring is distinguished by a most magnificent red crimson which contrasts sharply with her brilliant blue tummy. Ruby enjoys spending her afternoons mixing and talking to the Caymanian birds that frequent the tropical garden which surrounds the Resort’s newly habituated Turtle Lagoon.

Ms Hannah Adlam, Food and Beverage manager and Ruby’s primary caretaker, said ‘Ruby is an extremely affectionate and talkative bird and enjoys saying ‘hello’ to the guests at The Red Parrot Restaurant each morning. Spending time with Ruby sends all the stress of the day flooding away. Her favourite time of the day is the morning time shared with the guests when she also enjoys a breakfast of grapes, apples, nuts and carrots’.

The Red Parrot restaurant is open for a la carte breakfast between 7- 11am every morning. No reservations necessary however if a party desires breakfast for a party of eight or more please call concierge at the Marriott at 949-0088.