Close races in Jammin’ 2005

This years Jammin’ 2005 J-22 Regatta took place out of Montego Bay’s Yacht Club. Cayman’s team leader Bruce Johnson captained ‘Zipper’ crewed by Jo Richards, Rick Ralston and David Schudel. Three other boats hailed from the Montego Bay Yacht Club – ‘Renegade’ with Richard Hamilton, ‘Ayasho’ with Bob Mallasch and ‘Awesome’ with Frank May. The Kingston team were in ‘Geronimo’ with Steve Cooke.

The first three races took place in Brogue’s Bay in light wind sailing. In such winds, teams were tested to their full not only to compete with their sailing skills but also their ability to find patches of wind on the water.

Zipper finished with a 2nd, 1st and 3rd although all three races were close. Lunch was on the Boat House restaurant.

The next day saw more exciting condition with a strong breeze from the east. The three races took place in the Montego Bay with the first two from Pier 1 up to beyond the Sunset Beach Resort followed by lunch at Doctor’s Cave. The last race was from Doctor’s Cave up to the Airport marker, back to Sunset Beach Resort, back to Doctor’s Cave and then finish at the Yacht Club. Zipper finished with a 3, 5 and a 1st.

As is custom, one race was allowed to be discarded and the overall points put Renegade in 1st place with 7 points, Zipper in 2nd with 10 and Geronimo in 3rd with 11.