Post customers can help

With another Christmas season behind them Post Office staff can now breathe a sigh of relief.

With room for storage at a premium and mail flooding in, the hard-pressed team at one point issued a plea to the public to immediately collect parcels.

As the amount of mail drastically increased over the holiday season, they were running out of space.

Normally, explained mails manager Verdun Terry, there would be about 200 parcels a day coming in but at Christmas time that figure could rise to more than 500.

‘With such a problem at this time of the year we would expect that people pick up their parcels within two to three days because of the limited space,’ said Deputy Postmaster General Anthony Williams.

But even with the problem now easing, the Post Office is concerned that people are not calling promptly, within a couple of days, to collect packages after being notified of their arrival.

And with as many as 800 mail bags a day coming into the sorting facility at the Airport Post Office to be dealt with by the small in number and hard working sorting staff, the public is also being urged to make sure its takes other simple steps to help the situation.

The Post Office is encouraging people to use PO Box numbers and not physical addresses on mail; to make sure senders put their own address somewhere on each item of mail and to never send cash through the post.