Shipping Registry celebrates on Brac

The Cayman Islands Shipping Registry continued its 100th year celebrations at the seafarers’ centre in Cayman Brac 17 December.

Roy Walton

Roy Walton, Vice President of the Veterans & Seamans Society, addresses the crowd during the 100 years celebrations of maritime history.

The event was held in conjunction with the Veterans & Seaman’s Society to mark the islands’ seafarers’ contributions to maritime history. Previous celebrations also took place in Grand Cayman over two weeks ago.

The festivity’s theme, ‘Changing of the Watch’, makes reference to a time during which a seafarer would relinquish his ‘watch’ or shift to the next seafarer, usually at dusk and at dawn. Today, it is said that a metaphorical transition has taken place as the organisation, the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, has evolved into the new Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands.

An even more similar move is occurring as the young people of today are invited by the organisation to take the helm and explore new career and educational pursuits in the areas of maritime administration, naval architecture, marine engineering and nautical studies.

During the Brac celebrations, D. Kurt Tibbetts, Leader of Government Business, announced that two post-secondary maritime-related scholarships will be made available to eligible Caymanian recipients each year, beginning September 2006.

Mr. Tibbetts expressed optimism at the possibility of an ’emergence of a thriving maritime sector that may become the third pillar of the Caymanian Economy.’

Other speakers included Joel Walton, CEO of the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands, and Vice President of the Veterans and Seaman’s Society Roy Walton. The event was also attended by Governor Stuart Jack and the Second Elected Member for Cayman Brac, Moses Kirkconnell.

During the celebrations, the public enjoyed a commemorative video, a maritime exhibition, story-telling and musical entertainment by seafarers, including Piercy Whorms and members of the public.