Cayman star gives back to young players

Shakeina Bush is a student-athlete at Florida International University with a whole lot on her mind these days. Given the considerable burdens of classwork and sports, it would certainly be understandable if she kept a low profile and took it easy when returning to Cayman on holidays. Rest, however, seems to be the last thing on this lady’s mind.

Bush is eager to give back to Cayman and to the game she loves. So eager, in fact, that she has already successfully hosted her first football camp. The recent effort drew 30 of Cayman’s best young girls and was a big hit, according to Bush. It was, she says, proof that there is a lot of potential here.

‘When I was their age I was not doing the stuff they are presently doing,’ Bush said. ‘I was glad to see how united the girls were. That is something we need in football. They were united and worked well together. The young ladies were all psyched and cooperated with the coaches.’

Shakeina thanked the camp sponsors: Digicel, BritishAmerican Insurance, Coconut Car Rentals, Cayman Airways, Regal Beach Resort, Quik Cash, CIFA, Mark Scotland, and Bernie Bush.

Shakeina says she is looking forward to holding another camp in the near future.