Law breakers causing the problem

It has been my desire to offer simple solutions to several things that have, and are causing a great deal of debate.

What is the big fuss about closing the bars on New Years Eve? I suggest closing at 11.30pm and have a huge beach party.

The beach is a not licensed premise and there is a great opportunity to let the tourists have an unforgettable New Year.

My main reason for writing is the visa issue. Let us look at the facts:

Please no more of this ‘because I’m a Jamaican’, cry baby excuse.

There are more born Jamaicans than Caymanians in our island in every kind of business, private or Government.

So don’t try to feed me this sob story that Caymanians don’t like Jamaicans.

Why do you think most Jamaicans here prefer working for Caymanians rather than their own Jamaicans? This visa system has been put in place to help control crime and protect not only Caymanians but also the other 10,000 or more Jamaicans living here in peace and harmony and the other 100+ nationalities who reside here.

It is not news how much millions of dollars the Jamaican Government is spending to curb crime and we do not want it here. Besides the 1,500 overstayers who are committing a crime here by not going home there are probably another 3,000 that know who they are and are hiding them, which is also a crime.

So Jamaicans, before you write these sob stories about being hurt, just remember it is you- the Jamaicans who can stop it by helping the Government get these and other criminals off the island.

I don’t have to defend my feelings, as there are hundreds of Jamaicans in all walks of life that I call friend. But just remember there are more than 100 other countries that also need visas. What makes Jamaicans think that they are better than all of these other people when there is such an increase in crime in Jamaica?

As I said it’s very simple-turn in the criminals and we may not need visas.

Clive Christian