WB Road commute miserable

While I by no means endorse turning off West Bay Road by Courtyard Marriott or Governors Harbour to avoid traffic, I respectfully ask the Minister of Works to try coming down the road at 7am every day to try to get to work and school by 8.10am and then sometimes being late.

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to travel this road, not only at peak rush hours but almost any time of the day or early evening.

It is somewhat understandable that motorists, becoming ever more frustrated and desperate, resort to these tactics. My child’s school is unsympathetic to traffic woes and my son nearly received a detention for being late.

When an otherwise 20 minute ride turns into an hour and twenty minutes it is clear something needs to be done and done fast.

Also frustrating is taking the bypass by Galleria and noting that the would-be extension ends abruptly at the Hyatt, which is at this time closed. What is holding up its completion?

Please help us frustrated West Bayers to start our days with a smile instead of a frown brought on by sitting in the parking lot that is now West Bay Road.

Cally Clark