Share your Christmas traditions

My friends and I – some Caymanian, some not – have been sharing Christmas and New Year traditions and superstitions from our own experiences.

With so many different nationalities in these Islands it would be interesting to hear from residents what they bring, do and cook from their own cultures at this time of year.

Also, for the many Caymanians concerned about the dilution of your traditions, please take this as an opportunity to share and explain to those of us more recently arrived here – if we do not know about it we cannot respect it or help keep it alive. To start things off here is one Irish tradition and one Irish superstition:

On Christmas Eve each family places a lit candle in the window at dusk to signal that, should the Christ Child need shelter, He is welcome in this house.

On New Year’s Eve/Day, after the clock has struck twelve, in order to give your home luck through the year, the first person through your door should have dark hair and carry bread (for life) salt (for savour) and coal (for comfort, but we think charcoal would work too!).

Frances Buchanan