Digicel supports East End Surf Challenge again

The upcoming East End Surf Challenge can count on Digicel for support. Digicel has signed on to sponsor the annual jet-ski event taking place set for the holiday Heroes Weekend of 20-23 January, 2006 for the third consecutive year.

‘The East End Surf Challenge is an exciting event that reflects Digicel’s brand values as a young, innovative and dynamic company. We have been very pleased to be involved with the event over the past three years, and look forward to a long and positive partnership to support the community,’ said Digicel Marketing Manager Tina Trumbach.

The East End Surf Challenge has been instrumental in raising funds for the East End community, especially following the ravages of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. The 2005 event raised much needed money to purchase books for the East End Primary School library following its destruction by Hurricane Ivan. Funds raised were also contributed to the East End community for various rebuilding needs. Since its inception, funds raised from the East End Surf Challenge have gone back into the community in the form of financial assistance for students overseas, as well as assistance to the elderly in the district.

Team2Frenzied President Shane Edwards, who has stepped away from his jet-skis to assume responsibility for the overall management and organization of the Challenge, is lavish in his praise of the telecommunications giant.

‘As always, Digicel has stepped up to the plate and delivered for us. Our relationship continues to be a most cordial and professional one. We see this partnership going from strength to strength and this is evident by our expansion of next year’s edition to include more activities, thus ensuring that an already successful event is, you might say, bigger and better.’

He added: ‘When Digicel talks about being a good corporate citizen that gets involved in all sectors of community, they put their money where their phones are most frequently placed. For those still in the dark, that would be the mouth. With Digicel there is a whole lot less talk and more action. This is made abundantly clear with the company’s involvement with the East End Surf Challenge.’

This year’s edition will mark the third successive year that Digicel has been the major sponsor of the Challenge. In addition to a cash outlay, the company provides the event organisers with all the phone services needed to make this ever-increasingly popular stop on Cayman’s sports calendar a roaring success.