Today’s Editorial January 09: Respect celebrities’ privacy

The Cayman Islands – known to few regular Joes throughout the world – has long been a quiet haven for the rich and the famous.

What attracts them to Cayman is the fact that they can come here and know they can experience the peace and quiet that a tranquil island provides.

Several major stars and athletes have or do own properties in the Cayman Islands.

They’ve invested their money here because they know they can come into and move about the country safe from star chasers and paparazzi.

Anonymity has its benefits – both to the rich and the famous and the countries where they choose to make their investments.

Now that The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman has opened, there’s even more of an opportunity for the rich and the famous to enjoy Grand Cayman and the Cayman Islands.

Since its soft opening in December, there have been weekly rumours of famous people coming to Grand Cayman.

Some of the rumours have proven true. Others have proven false.

One thing is for sure, though, if a famous person does enter the doors of the Ritz, the information about their presence won’t be revealed by anyone at the upscale property.

The ladies and gentlemen at the Ritz never comment on a guest.

And they shouldn’t.

Unfortunately some on the island think it is their right to put their nose where it doesn’t belong when it comes to the famous.

One disc jockey at a not-to-be named relatively new radio station in Grand Cayman went out of his way last week to tell people how to crash Saturday’s Sheryl Crow concert at the Ritz.

He was telling listeners that there will be a lot of celebrities on the island now that the Ritz has opened and encouraged them to carry their cameras and have their pictures made with them.

We implore everyone in the Cayman Islands to remember where they are and respect the age-old tradition of letting the rich and famous have their few quiet moments while enjoying our paradise.

This isn’t the United States. It isn’t the United Kingdom.

We are not accustomed to media hype and our rich and famous guests don’t want it.

If we make pests of ourselves they’ll surely find somewhere else to go and make their investments accordingly.

If you see a celebrity, good for you. Share your thrill with your family members or co-workers over the water cooler. But don’t bother that famous person.

If they’re here to see you, they will seek you out.

If you’re new to the island and think that we handle the rich and famous here the way you did where you came from, you are mistaken.

We respect the right of everyone to enjoy a peaceful, private holiday, even the rich and famous.