Jamaica doesn’t need Caymanians

Every time I read a letter like the one written by one Vaughan Crofts titled ‘Jamaicans should take a stand’, I get highly annoyed.

I don’t know if this reader is aware, but to the average Jamaican, this visa issue is of no consequence and is not in the thought space of the average Jamaican.

In plain English, the average Joe is unmoved. The only relevance the Cayman Islands has to any Jamaican is if they have family there. With a population close to 3 million people inside the island and a rumoured equivalent outside, how serious could you think this issue is to Jamaicans?

As a proud Jamaican, living in Jamaica, it really upsets me to see that my very own country men have joined the Caymanians with bashing their own people. If you have chosen to live a life outside the island, that is your decision. But, to say that Jamaicans are responsible for most of the crime in Cayman is ludicrous.

The Government has yet to produce empirical evidence to show how much the Jamaicans have destroyed and degenerated the Cayman Islands.

What is even more stupid is the way in which Caymanians view Jamaica’s retaliation with this visa regime. It is our right as well and we have chosen to exercise it.

If Jamaica is so bad, then why doesn’t Cayman just leave us alone and don’t come back if they feel so strongly about it. You want to come here when you feel like and do as you like but want to restrict me from coming there. Think about it.

Yes, we are aware that remittances are one of the main income earners for the island of Jamaica but how much does Cayman contribute to this that we should bow to them?

I am of the opinion that not only should Jamaica impose a visa on the Cayman Islands as they are doing now, but also to the other British Overseas Territories that have done the same to us.

The Jamaican Government is quite in order to do so. None of these people contribute significantly to the Jamaican economy. For the average Jamaican, when they talk about foreign it is the UK, US or Canada they speak of, not the Cayman Islands.

If there are 45,000 people in Cayman in total, and everyone disagreed with Jamaica’s move regarding the visa situation, then there are at least 500,000 people here who agree that our Government should stand its ground on the matter.

If Cayman wants to do this that is their business but I can assure you, we are not weeping and sobbing about your absence from Jamaica.

We have bigger issues to deal with right now. I think with the threat of job outsourcing, you too have bigger issues as well.

Can we put this visa thing to rest?

Most people are tired of hearing the same thing over and over and how Jamaicans are bad and wicked etc. There is a solution…..just stay where you are and don’t bother to apply for any visa to the island of Jamaica. We certainly are not rushing to get one to come there. Our family members will have to email or call. Sorry!

Name withheld by request