Minister tours Marriott

Tourism Minister Charles Clifford got a firsthand look at the newly renovated Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort on Monday.

Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort

Marriott Managing Director Chris Sariego highlights the hotels newly renovated facilities to Tourism Minister Mr. Charles Clifford. Photo: Jewel Levy

With a cultural theme that reflects a very tropical contemporary style, the new look sports paintings and artwork created by many local artists.

Touring the facilities with Managing Director Chris Sariego, Mr. Clifford heard and saw how the hotel was coming along and viewed all the new amenities.

Mr. Clifford visited the newly renovated guest rooms, public areas, restaurants, bars, spa and gardens.

‘Products on Grand Cayman have significantly improved since the passing of Hurricane Ivan,’ he said.

‘Most properties have had an opportunity to accelerate their maintenance programmes and some, rather than doing it on a phase basis, are doing a complete upgrade.

‘The Marriott had taken that position even before Hurricane Ivan and it is good to see the finish product,’ said Mr. Clifford.

He took a minute to speak to guests, who were pleased with the facilities.

He also said that the majority of hotels on the island were now operational except for the Hyatt Hotel.

Although the Marriott had severe damage to the structure, Mr. Sariego said after investing $15 million the hotel is now in tip-top condition.

‘We not only did renovations to put it back to where it was but took it a step further by doing a renovation enhancement.

‘Not only did we change the walls, the ceiling and the floors, but also the culture and the service have been improved.

‘At present, we are doing better than expected and running much better for this time of the year. Since our grand opening, our numbers have increased,’ Mr. Sariego said.