Throne Speech, Address cojoined

The Cayman Islands Cabinet has decided the Throne Speech and the State Opening of the Legislative Assembly – during which the Budget Address is delivered – should occur at the same time, Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts said at the Cabinet press briefing last Friday.

‘We decided to get it right and have the Throne Speech and the Budget together,’ Mr. Tibbetts said.

As a result the First Sitting of the Legislative Assembly year will take place in May normally, although it will actually begin on 28 April this year.

Mr. Tibbetts said since the change of the Government’s fiscal year moved the Budget session to May, it made no sense to have the Throne Speech made three months beforehand.

Prior to the change in the fiscal year, the Budget Session occurred in November and the State Opening in February.

The change will affect the next sitting of the House, which was scheduled to be the first of the Legislative year.

Mr. Tibbetts said that although Speaker of the House Edna Moyle had indicated at the end of the last meeting that the 2005/2006 legislative year was closed, the next meeting would be a continuation of that session as a result of their decision.

The Government has advised that during that meeting, the First Annual Report of the Office of the Complaints Commissioner, relating to the 2004-2005 fiscal year, will be laid before the House.