Art of Stamps curators speak

Co-curators of The Art of Stamps will explain their passion and work on at 7pm Thursday at the National Gallery, Harbour Place.

The National Gallery’s Art of Stamps’ exhibition opened last week, thanks in large part to the sponsorship of Butterfield Bank (Cayman) Ltd. and the hard work and research of its co-curators David Bridgeman and Ivan Burges.

‘It is a pleasure to record that it is the first time that so many organizations and individuals have united to enable an exhibition to take place,’ write Mr. Burgess in his curator’s statement. ‘The exhibition features art in various forms and stages. We have endeavoured to illustrate how a stamp concept is developed from an initial idea to the finished product. We have also included a small exhibition of Post Office memorabilia together with literature on the collecting of Cayman stamps and postal history.’

Few works of art in the Cayman Islands enjoy as vast an audience as stamps and the subject matter that our stamps have covered over the last few decades illustrates an informative cross-section of Caymanian life, art, culture and heritage.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt once noted ‘Stamp art dispels boredom, enlarges our vision, broadens our knowledge, makes us better citizens, and in innumerable ways enriches our lives.’

The Art of the Stamps will comprise original artworks created for the Post Office by local artists, illustrators and photographers as well as first-day covers and historical equipment related to the field. In order to achieve this end the Gallery will collaborate with the Post Office, the National Archives, the National Museum and other entities to ensure that it covers the widest gamut possible in an informed way.