More mail being returned

A senior postal official says a large volume of mail is being returned because it is incorrectly addressed.

Deputy Postmaster General of Operations, Anthony Williams said many letters and packages are undeliverable because they only show street numbers. Mail must include the post office box number and suffixes of local recipients.

This problem is not a new one, but the incidents are increasing, Mr. Williams said in a press release. Much of the incorrectly addressed mail is for registered companies coming from overseas corporations. In early 2005 the post office sent back all incorrectly addressed mail accompanied by a letter advising senders to obtain box numbers for letters to be delivered.

Despite this effort, the Postal Service has not seen a decline in numbers and now the agency is appealing to local corporations to advise their business associates that they must use post office box numbers and suffixes when sending mail to Cayman. Otherwise, the Postal Service will be unable to deliver it.