Gun safety urged

As their crackdown on crime continues, the police are doing everything they can to try and make sure guns do not get into the wrong hands.

People with firearms permits are being reminded of the responsibility they have in making sure their weapons are securely stored to prevent their theft.

‘An essential requirement that is contingent to all firearms licence holders is to have a secure safe that cannot be breached and an alarming device is also recommended,’ says an RCIP press release.

‘The safe should have two independent means of opening i.e. two keys or combination dial and key,’ it adds.

Police point out that before the grant of any permit, officers will visit the person’s home to check the proposed storage of the firearm and give advice if needed.

‘Additionally, random checks will be carried out and those in breach of the requirements will have their licence terminated or not renewed,’ says the release.

If police are not satisfied with the arrangements, the weapons will be confiscated and kept in the police armoury until the required criteria is met.

When firearm permit holders die or no longer wish to possess the weapon, the gun should be turned into the police for safe keeping or destruction, says the release.

‘If a firearm permit holder is leaving the islands, the firearms may be turned in to the George Town police station for safe keeping.

‘To do this the firearms permit holder must bring a copy of their current firearm permit along with their drivers licence or passport to verify their ownership,’ the release adds.