Police to serve, protect

It seems that I am reading about fewer crimes and criminal antics in the paper these days.

For all law abiding citizens, this is very welcome news.

Hats off to our hard working police officers. With this being said I hope the police force continues to strive for a high standard of professionalism and remembers its purpose is to serve and protect.

Training must be a priority and it seems that we have a lot of foreign officers and experienced Caymanians with a wealth of experience to draw from.

In this crackdown on crime, the police must be careful not to become overzealous in their efforts. The recent highly publicized ordeal of a mother with an unpaid traffic ticket is the most extreme and will hopefully not be repeated.

This morning I was cut off by a police car moving at high speed cutting through downtown at 8am with sirens and horns blaring going north along West Bay Road. I was totally amazed that as I drove north, I passed by the incident that this officer was racing to: a fender bender just north of the Burger King (where the two cars involved were already pulled to the side and the two drivers were already exchanging information).

This is a less extreme example, but it is overzealous policing. To have this officer speeding thru our downtown streets for this non emergency is not serving or protecting. It is simply dangerous and for no reason.

Thankfully this morning it was not a normally busy Thursday for cruise boats due to weather, or we could have been reading a terrible headline about a tourist being run over by an officer in a hurry to a fender bender.

Again, my point here is not to point out the negatives of our police force, as we have had so many positive things happening over the last couple of months, but it will do everybody good for our police brass to make sure the officers on the beat do not become overzealous and remember they are there to serve and protect.

Baz Durzi