Expand Cayman’s tourism product

Approximately 5,000 persons per day will be visiting Grand Cayman during this winter season. Some will be repeat visitors.

What new and interesting things do we have to show them that they did not see on their last trip here?

We need to accept that our tourist product is seriously lacking in things to do and see. The new Turtle Farm at Boatswain Bay really is a wonderful facility and a welcome addition to things to see, but what else has changed or been updated??

If the daily assault on Sting Ray City continues we will soon be saying goodbye to that attraction. How is it that we have not heard from all these concerned persons on the treatment of the sting rays?

What about Hell? I think more needs to be done to that site so at least the tourists can say it was money well spent.

Pedro Castle was real interesting and really gave visitors an historical perspective of the Islands; a great product. What has been done to Pedro since Ivan?

What is being done to shift the focus to the eastern side of the island?

We cannot keep pounding the few attractions that we have and expect that the tourists will keep coming. The Government must act in concert with private interests to further develop our tourist product.

Regulations must be put in to control the development because without a plan unfettered development would have a negative impact.

I am not 100 per cent in favour of the Dolphin attraction, but I have seen the plans and it will be a really good facility.

Let the Environmental Department monitor the facility to make sure that the care and handling of the dolphins are in keeping with internationally accepted standards.

Cayman lost a wonderful opportunity when it refused Atlantis Hotel permission to develop a property here similar to the one in the Bahamas. That is a wonderful property and the experience of a lifetime.

We need to add attractions. Our current ones are crowded and over extended and becoming a bore. Furthermore, has anyone noticed how few people really benefit from the industry apart from having a job? Where is the Caymanian entrepreneurial spirit? The Government should also be holding workshops to help more persons become involved in the industry, particularly through the making of craft items.

Let us have a real Craft Market, which represents Cayman. I really don’t see hair braiding as an activity that should be featured in a craft market. I don’t think that was the intention. Not to detract from the service being offered, but in a craft market? I don’t think so.

I attended the opening of Boatswain Bay and I was looking at the souvenir items for sale. There was not one item that I could find that was made in the Cayman Islands.

How sad. Next time you are in one of these shops have a look; you too will be sad. I would venture to say that not even 1 per cent will have been made in Cayman.

I hope I have provided some food for thought. To the critics of the Dolphin attraction I would say put up or shut up. Instead of moaning and whining let’s have some meaningful suggestions of how these Islands can expand and improve the tourist product and remain environmentally friendly, since this is your main concern. We all stand to benefit in the long term.

W.D. Chin