Volunteers needed for mentor program

The John Gray High School is seeking adult volunteers to assist a small group of Year 11 students.

The adults are asked to commit to one lunch time of active involvement each week, through July, said Mr. Nat King, who organises the Coaching for Success programme and teaches at the school.

Mr. King said another 22 more adult volunteers are needed.

‘Three new volunteers have signed up, and a few who previously served as mentors have gladly decided to continue for another term,’ said Mr. King, ‘However much more assistance is needed.’

Students and mentors usually meet one lunch time each week at the school to review the students’ achievements and academic progress, said a GIS press release. A small group of JGHS teachers works closely with the teenagers and adults.

Students in the programme include Glenda Solan, who likes religious education, music and maths classes. In her spare time she enjoys talking with friends, reading and playing netball.

Another student, Dwayne Lumsden, is interested in maths, also plays competitive football and enjoys adrenaline-driven activities such as riding bikes and go-carts. He hopes to become a firefighter.

Other students in need of adult guidance are Trent Bodden, who enjoys studying world issues as well as fixing engines ‘and other mechanical things’; Oscar Calidonia, who enjoys swimming on the weekends and looks forward to attending music and PE classes; and Ruth McFarlane, who especially enjoys her childcare development classes. She works at a supermarket in her spare time, in addition to baby-sitting and assisting children with homework.


For more information on the Coaching for Success programme or to sign up as a student’s coach, contact Mr. King at 925- 6120 or e-mail at [email protected].