Time limit put on events

Organisers of events that need police approval will have to seek it at least 14 days in advance.

RCIP Commissioner Stuart Kernohan on Tuesday answered questions in the wake of the death of two motorcyclists on Sunday.

The first rider died after an accident at an East End motor sport event and a short time later, the second lost his life after colliding with another vehicle in George Town.

The police offered their condolences and sympathies to the families of those involved but stressed that the matters are now in the judicial process, which means not all information can be made public at this stage.

Mr. Kernohan said the police takes its responsibility for big events very seriously.

They have to weigh the balance of people wanting to enjoy such events with disruptions and possible problems.

He said a late application was made for the East End event and that, in his opinion, was unfortunate.

A decision was taken that members of the public on the event route were to be consulted and that had to be done before authorisation, he said.

Mr. Kernohan said the event organiser was somewhat upset because of the work he had done for the event. But permission was not going to be given unless the OK was given by the residents, Mr. Kernohan said.

After public consultation it was decided to let the event proceed.

But the lack of time available in the matter had been unfortunate, said Mr. Kernohan.

From now on the police will send out the strong message that unless people give a minimum of 14 days notice before an event, the chances are that they will not be given permission.

Mr. Kernohan said the RCIP made the right decision about the East End event on the basis of the information they had at the time.