Government schools closed

Parents and students of all government schools are reminded that schools will be closed today and Tuesday to allow educators to attend training sessions.

The first session is a two-day conference hosted by the Department of Education and the School’s Inspectorate, titled, Self-Evaluation and School Improvement Planning.

It is designed to better equip staff to manage increased levels of decision-making, responsibility and accountability, states a press release.

This is a vital part of government’s drive to improve the education system, and is intended to enhance the management of schools.

The second session is a separate training programme to expand the scope of the Lions Quest Programme. Some 50 educators will participate for a three-day period – although schools will be closed for only two of these days.

Introduced in the 1980s, Quest is co-sponsored by the Education Department and the Lions Club of Grand Cayman.

The programme incorporates key components to benefit students’ overall development, especially in the areas of building strong self-esteem as well as drug education and prevention.

It is a holistic programme that continues throughout the entire education process, from Kindergarten to graduation.

Local Quest co-ordinator, Education Officer James Watler, said that teachers will be updated on the programme, and that visiting Quest Master Trainer Beverly Fisher will train three local educators to be trainers. Those educators are Mr. Courtney Perrin of John A. Cumber Primary, Ms Keva Powell of Savannah Primary, and Mrs. Susan Bush of Cayman Brac High School.

Mr. Watler described the education sessions as ‘a very interactive workshop, with presentations and discussions. Following next week’s training, the school-based training and planning will continue with a new zeal at schools involved.’

Government schools will return to normal operations for all students on Wednesday.