Water piped to North Side

Piped desalinised water, which has reached the main road junction in Old Man Bay, will first head west to North Side before heading east, Minister of Works Arden McLean said at the Cabinet press briefing Friday.

Mr. McLean said the decision had been made recently to head westward, but acknowledged it was considered to go the other way first.

‘We had two choices: to go east to the Queen’s Monument… or to go west.’

Mr. McLean said that if they had chosen to go east, it was estimated to only cause an eight-week delay to North Side.

The reason it was considered to take the piped water east first was because there was customer toward the east that is operating on a licence to produce water that wanted water service.

The speculation of which way the water service was heading upset some North Side residents, MLA Edna Moyle said.

‘People were not happy with the rumour that was on the street that they were going to the monument on Queen’s Highway,’ said Ms Moyle, the North Side representative.

‘The Minister showed me that there would be two contractors, one headed to the Queen’s Monument and the other headed through the district towards Cayman Kai,’ she said.

‘Since then I have been told that the Water Authority board had taken the decision to go to the Queen’s Monument. But that has now changed.

‘They will be heading through the district of North Side up to a certain point and then they will be going back to do some work towards the monument,’ she said.

‘I am not happy with the situation but I have to work with the decision of the Water Authority board. I was assured there were going to be two contractors,’ said Ms Moyle.

‘In general, I am concerned about the length of time that it is taking to get water out to the people of North Side,’ she said.

‘We have been waiting for piped water for 20 years. We are the last district to get it,’ she said.

‘I look forward to the Water Authority board taking the decision to have piped water to every resident of the district of North Side within as short a period as possible,’ she added.

‘Right now all I am able to say is that we are continuing with our plan to extend the piped water supply throughout the entire district of North Side,’ Water Authority director Gelia Frederick-van Genderen said in a statement on Thursday.

‘Besides the pipeline, this includes phase one of the North Side water works, which will consist of a two million gallon storage reservoir and re-pumping facility,’ she said.

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