Experiencing hell in paradise

I don’t know whether to title this ‘From Paradise to Hell’ or ‘Can this really be happening in the Cayman Islands?’

Last week our son had the hit and run accident that he wrote about. I was also in the car when this happened and when the worker was brandishing the stick.

Apparently nothing has come from this as we have not heard that a vehicle with damage on the right side has been located. This is very disappointing.

My husband and I and our sons have been coming to the Caymans since 1987. It was my husband’s and my dream from our first visit to retire here.

My husband has retired and this is the first time we have been able to stay more than a couple of weeks.

We own property here.

The hit and run accident was on Friday, 10 February.

On Friday, 17 February between 10.30pm and 11pm, our Yorkie was stolen from Pease Bay, across from Moon Bay Condos.

She inadvertently got out of the house.

An anonymous witness has told us that she was playing with two dogs on Carrington Lane.

There was a green Ford Explorer parked in front of a house. The person in the green explorer followed the three dogs, scooped up our dog, and drove away in the vehicle.

We are completely distraught. Our dog, Taffy, had her name and phone number on her plus other identification

She is 8 years old and has been spayed. She is also micro chipped.

She is a light brown color with a short haircut. She is about 11 pounds. She has a teddy bear face. She is on medication. We don’t know where to turn or what to do about locating her.

From what we understand, there are only a few Yorkies on the island.

I have been crying all week and my husband is also very upset. We are putting an ad with her picture in the Compass, but there must be someone somewhere that would have some knowledge of the whereabouts of our dog. We have offered a cash reward.

On our second visit here a female was raped. Within the week we were here the rapist was apprehended, tried, and in jail. What has happened to the island since that time?

We have watched crime escalate, the cost of living escalate, and wages stay approximately the same. What is going on here?

As I said when I started this letter, with our dog being stolen, it really does seem that our paradise has turned into hell.

Wayne and Karen Oldenburger

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