Kerosene available again

After more than seven weeks, kerosene oil is available again at Mr. Arthur’s Shop on North Church Street.

Owner Mrs. Arthurlyn Scott confirmed that she had received a shipment on Tuesday, 28 February. However, the price to her has increased by 75 cents per gallon.

Mrs. Scott said she regretted having to pass the additional cost on to her customers, but she could not absorb it. The price therefore is now $3.75 per gallon instead of $3.

The store has been a long-established source for kerosene oil. Mrs. Scott, who succeeded her father, the late Mr. Arthur Bodden, said she bought 400 gallons at a time every four to six weeks.

People from all districts come to purchase it, she said. They use it for oil lamps, cooking, burning trash, killing ants, cleaning car and boat engines.

Kerosene oil is still very much a part of the Caymanian way of living, Mrs. Scott commented.

The bulk kerosene is brought to the island by Texaco.

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