At least once in every person’s life they find a place that feels like home. A place that makes you feel warm, calm, comfortable, content and undisturbed. For most people, that place is a mediocre house that cradles your memories in the discoloured carpet and on the crayon filled walls. But for those other lucky few, they find a place that they can run away to, a place where they feel calm. My special place is Grand Cayman.

As soon as you take your first glimpse around the island your first impression is that it’s a breathtakingly beautiful place. You are absolutely correct, except that you have only skimmed the surface of what the island really is.

It’s not just a picture perfect place, it turns on special feelings inside you that make you feel at home. Grand Cayman is filled with white sand beaches, beautiful palm trees, coral reefs, gem-like water and millions of opportunities for spectacular memories. You can’t see or even begin to imagine any of this at first glance., you have to experience it.

The sand is as white as a wedding gown, pure and stunning. The sand flows and dances between your feet as you run, like a free massage from heaven. It smoothes and polishes your heal like a pumice stone until it is flawless. Like a sponge the sand soaks up all of the scents that the island provides such as slat, fish, heat, sun block, fruit smoothies, and memories. When you lie in the sand your mind is vacant, there’s nothing to think about, except for who you are and who you love. Everything is serene.

When you force your body to rise from the calm sand and flee toward the water, your hair whips against your shoulders as you make a graceful decent into the Caribbean Sea. You can feel the heat being licked off of you by the salty ocean while you glide under the surface of the water. Your head surfaces only for a moment to fill your lungs with air so that you can plunge deep into the marine world. When you are floating underwater your body can’t feel anything. All your brain can figure out is that your surroundings are a cool and tranquil place.

Eventually all the experiences are experienced and you fell like you are part of the island, mostly because you have made mental and emotional connections with your surroundings. Those connections are the same thing you experience when you are at home, in your comfortable place. You can have a special relationship with Grand Cayman that always makes you feel calm.

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