Inspirations, an art journey

Artist Dora Williams has always had a passion for art and her knowledge of the classical masters, combined with her sheer enthusiasm for art, has led her to showcase a selection of work at her first solo exhibition, Inspirations.

The exhibition will comprise of up to 20 paintings, many inspired by classical art, combined with a modern, fresh approach.

The self-taught artist, who originally hails form Italy, has a love of classical and renaissance art which is clearly depicted in many of paintings which draw inspiration from many of the great artists.

Despite Dora’s strong desire to paint over the years other commitments have prevented her from pursuing her passion for art, but now that her two young children attend school, a sunny spare room has been turned into a studio and she is quickly developing into a prolific painter with obvious talent.

‘The last few years have been a real journey into art,’ Dora explained. ‘The passion has always been there, from the time I was a little girl, but there was never really the opportunity to fully develop it. I had to wait for the right time to come out as an artist.’

Keen to hone her skills, Dora, a trained accountant, has attended a number of art workshops, both on and off island, in particular with the Academy of Realist Art in Toronto where she learnt the techniques of the old masters, enabling her to develop her art further.

‘These techniques have greatly enhanced my art and turned me into a better painter. I can now paint in a more complex way. You need that knowledge as it teaches you everything, light, shade, form,’ Dora said.

While the children are at school her time is spent busily painting, the colours and style depending on mood.

‘I just start. It is like liberation, painting freely. It gives me such pleasure and enjoyment to see the painting develop on the canvas. I have no idea where the painting is going. I grow with it, develop with it.’

Paintings vary widely in colour. Some utilise a broad colour palette, others are monochromatic, yet one thing is for sure, each is a labour of love.

The artist treads a fine line between the abstract style of modern painters and that of the classical artists and describes herself as neither an abstract or classical painter, but a combination of both.

‘I don’t want to paint in an abstract style as I want to challenge myself and prove that I can paint in a more complex and technical style.

‘I would describe my art work as a combination of both, the old and new style, but it is very hard to define it. My style is continually changing. I have no idea where I am going to end up as an artist as my style is always developing,’ Dora said.

The artist started her journey into art for pure pleasure however following many accolades and enquiries over whether her work is for sale – a driving force behind Dora’s growing confidence as an artist -she has branched out and exhibited her work, at [email protected], the Visual Art’s Society, Cayfest and at the National Gallery.

Inspirations will be the artist’s first solo exhibition and will give people the opportunity to purchase the artist’s work for the first time.

‘It will be hard selling my work. Many I have an emotional attachment to as they represent my journey as an artist. Each one is a step in my new career.’

The exhibition opens Wednesday, 12 April at 6.30pm and everyone is invited to attend. Inspirations runs until Tuesday, 9 May.

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