Don’t get in Caricom

For some time the Cayman Islands has been a non-participating/non voting member of Caricom and it seems to me more and more that we are being pressured to become a full fledged member.

Examples of what I am referring to are presenting themselves more and more to us each day.

Bahamas, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands are two out of three islands that are British Overseas Territories that do not fall in the economic dismay of the other depressed Caribbean islands pushing for this regional government, and I strongly suggest that we stay away from these discussions.

What disappoints me is that Montserrat, which is a British overseas Territory, has already committed itself in this regional bloc or exercises and is now pretty much being forced to be a part of the Caricom Regional Government discussion.

An article published on Tuesday, 28 February, highlighting this information with a photograph of other Caribbean leaders discussing the Caricom single market, clearly leaves Montserrat with little or no self-governing as an Overseas Territory, or not being able to have autonomy in its own country and represent itself as a government reporting directly to the UK.

However, Cayman, Bahamas and Bermuda are not as pressured at this time as we were before, and I would strongly caution and advise any leader and/or all of our LA representatives against entering into any discussions or arrangements on either of these topics currently on the table at Caricom.

I would assume that with economies as buoyant as Bahamas, Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, we will still continue to be sought after in the manner that Great Britain was by its neighbouring countries when the euro dollar was coming into existence, simply because there economic status was and still is as supremacy as ours is in the region today.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.

Despite the small size of this country, and given the limited number of years we’ve participated internationally in financial world, the Cayman Islands is a resilient country and has produce some of the brightest minds the region has.

This is something for us to be proud of and build on and stop dividing ourselves in the manner which we are being encouraged to do.

I say this with out fear or reservation because I firmly believe that the introduction of the party system here has on one hand deteriorated our countrymen to a large degree, but on the other hand it has forced some Caymanians to become stronger and unify in small groups.

The question then arises which group really has the best interest of these islands at heart and is everyone in whatever group fully committed to ensuring that these islands prosperity is protected from vicious and malicious attacks.

Therefore, persons from other depressed Caribbean countries that hold key positions in vital organizations that hold work permits must be pressured and replaced by training indigenous Caymanians. This can easily be done by having Caymanians understudy these managers and senior managers to take up these positions with-in a specified period of time.

Should an organizational chart be provided to the immigration board with the names of employees, their emigrational status, qualifications and experience, then local indigenous Caymanians can and will fill these positions.

Caymanians must insist that they be filled by a specified period of time if we wish to secure the level of success and prosperity we’ve been experiencing. This is a very strong message and only applies to anyone who wishes to take up gainful and meaningful occupation in this country if we wish to properly represent ourselves at home.

I encourage the leaders of the day to employ the local bright minds and ignore the mixed confusing messages that are constantly being sent by other neighbouring Caribbean islands.

This is if we the people of this country who is the real government, wish to ensure that we properly develop vital segments of our government sector and protect our financial industry in our economy.

Make no mistake. Our economy is under threat and we run the risk of falling prey to envious neighbours. Stand up and speak out; something for concerned ascending Caymanians to think about.

Tyrone Douglas

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