Too soon for independence

As the Cayman Islands consider reviewing changes to the constitution with the United Kingdom, there are some people here who wish the Cayman Islands to have full independence.

It is my layman belief if that happens sooner rather than later it would not be too long before the finance industry based here would take the first ship to some other far off tax free haven such as Gibraltar.

We might be reading headlines in Cayman such as those posted in the Barbados Free Press recently where they have the Prime Minister with bank accounts and shares in public companies and private ventures that he keeps secret from the electorate and the Legislature and won’t even post a copy of the auditor general’s report for all citizens to see.

I have to agree with the Barbados Free Press comments ‘In any democracy, and especially a small democracy like Barbados, public oversight of potential conflicts of interest should be a high priority. Otherwise, the governing elites seem unable to avoid the temptation of feathering their nests.

It is hoped by many that the Cayman Islands are a very long way off from cutting those ties with the United Kingdom until issues of human rights, freedom of information and transparency become a reality and not just a document.

Dale Fogis

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