Time to kill hens?

As the Cayman Islands health plans are put together, behind the scene, for the eventual occurrence of Avian Flu on our shores. I can’t help but think of the many hens in our backyards and wonder when the time will come when we should deal with the high population of wild hens.

The World Health Organization has stated ‘for human health, experience over the past two years has shown that the greatest risk of cases [Avian Flu] arises when the virus becomes established in small backyard flocks, which allow continuing opportunities for close human contact, exposures and infections to occur”.

I have already stopped feeding the hens in my yard to stop encouraging them to come closer to the house.

Maybe I should cut down all the trees where the hens bunk down for the night or maybe the time has come for the destruction of all wild hens on the islands.

Surely prevention is better than the cure, what are your thoughts?

Dale Fogis

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