Speeding taking deadly toll

A high death toll on Cayman’s roads so far this year prompted Cayman’s top policemen to speak out about the situation.

Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis told a press briefing on Tuesday that seven incidents had resulted in eight fatalities so far this year.

Saturday's fatal accident

Bystanders check out the scene of Saturday’s fatal accident which claimed two lives. Photo: Justin Uzzell

It is very unfortunate to have such incidents, some of which were quite preventable and some of which involved speed, he said.

Young lives are being lost and it is time to take stock and appeal to people to take heed, he said.

Even just a few minutes after an accident people were still driving as crazily as ever and seemed to have no regard for safety on the roads and the safety of others, he told the briefing.

Police will crack down on errant drivers and those who do not respect the law, he warned.

He appealed to young people and to the parents to try and bring youngsters up with some sense of understanding.

Everyone needs to come together to see what can be done to keep the roads and the youngsters safe, said Mr. Ennis.

RCIP Commissioner Stuart Kernohan said he was really disappointed that, despite a large number of speeding tickets being issued, people are still driving at ridiculously high speeds.

They are putting people in danger and killing themselves and their passengers, he said.

He appealed to motorists to realise that a vehicle is a weapon and that driving at high speeds is like pointing a gun at someone.

Mr. Ennis said basic courtesy on the road has been lost, with road rage and anger also coming into play.

People need to be more patient and show more regard for the safety of others, he said.

Alcohol also plays a part in what is happening, he added.

There have been cases of people driving with twice the legal limit in their system and it appears the drink driving message is not getting through to some.

People need to calm down and he wondered what the mad rush is all about.

People are being ticketed but it might be necessary to go back to the days when they had more fear and shame put into them by having to appear before a magistrate.

In answer to a question, Mr. Ennis referred to the latest fatal accident which involved a car and a flat bed pick-up truck which had been carrying men in the back.

He said riding on trucks in that way was unsafe but was something of a grey area under the law. But in his view it is certainly an unsafe load and that is an offence under the law.

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