Lower visitors’ costs

At a recent workshop on customer service within the tourism industry the director of Tourism was reported to have said ‘the Cayman product targeted the high-end market’ and ‘that the price of vacationing here would not change significantly’.

I ask the question why?

Why is it so expensive for most people to travel to the Cayman Islands, expensive to stay in a hotel and expensive to eat, drink and play, and may I add, to live.

Look at the dive industry; Cayman is one of the worlds best dive centres in the world yet we price the product out of the market for thousands of divers around the world.

Yes I know dive centres sell dive packages but it’s still not cheap to dive in Cayman.

I have spoken to many visiting divers and many have said they would love to get more diving in but it’s too expensive.

In Europe there are thousands of divers who choose to visit the Red Sea resorts rather than the Cayman Islands because it’s cheaper. Why on earth is Cayman looking for the high-end market all the time and then panic when the number of stay over visitors is low.

Change the policy on high-end markets and open up the market for the millions of people living within a 1 ½ hour’s flight. Encourage those European divers to make that long flight for a reasonable priced product. I am sure we can blend a mix of high-end and low-end products.

Dale Fogis

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