Grammar to blame?

We want to first thank CUC for explaining in detail what their Cost Recovery Surcharge will ultimately cost their customers.

It was never our intention to mislead the Compass readers about what CUC customers are, or will be, paying for their electricity.

We had contacted the Compass before writing our solar column and were verbally told that the increase amounted to ‘4.6 per cent per year for three years.’ The CUC’s representative, in the Letter to the Editor on Wednesday, 8 March, 20006, states that it was ‘accurately reported that CUC had implemented a Cost Recovery Surcharge of 4.7 per cent per year for approximately 3 years’.

Grammatically, this would suggest a cumulative rate increase. It seems that all this hoopla has been over a grammatical error. We believe the CUC representative did not mean that CUC was granted a 4.7 per cent per year for three years as stated in the third paragraph of the 8 March 8 Letter to the Editor, but rather was granted a 4.7 per cent increase over a three year period.

Secondly, we have an issue with the statement in the CUC’s Letter to the Editor implying that we use the ‘Ask the Solarman’ column to promote the sales of Electra-Tech’s own solar products. The articles are written to educate the public on the use of a natural resource that God has so abundantly blessed the Cayman Islands. The columns are written to help consumers become smart buyers and recognize the quality differences in the equipment that they purchase. They are written to educate consumers as to the correct way solar equipment should be installed. We encourage Compass readers to contact us for any additional information, which we supply freely. It is true, Electra-Tech does sell certified solar equipment, but never once has any reference been made to the company in the column. The Caymanian Compass does mention in very small print at the end of the column the writer’s credentials, but that is standard journalism practice.

The bottom line is that Electra-Tech believes all people benefit from using renewable energy and energy conservation and we are sure CUC agrees.

Dave Sawchak

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