Look for better days

My wife is Caymanian and we both would like to say….Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! and Thank you! We will eternally be grateful.

To this end I would like to say that the Cayman Islands as a nation, did not sit on its hands either.

The people gathered the strength of the winds of Ivan and started to put the Island back together.

They paid hard earned dollars to those willing to work, both Caymanians and expats.

I am thankful that they were not totally reliant on the world around them for hand outs, as they would have been sorely disappointed.

As a people, everyone who stayed and worked through the rubbles that was Cayman after Ivan, you deserve to pat yourselves on the back.

It’s just sad to see that after all your hard work; everything is being priced so expensively that you are now being forced to fight all over again to maintain your life styles.

But as a country, do not despair; you have done the possible now let God do the impossible.

Give thanks and better days will come.

MJ & NM Snell

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