Prospect Playhouse captures Never Land

Audience members were transported to the magical world of Never Land last Thursday night as the newly refurbished Prospect Playhouse lifted the curtain for the first time on its new musical Peter Pan.

The popular fairytale by J. M Barrie, which tells the tale of a young boy who refused to grow up and flew off to Never Land, enraptured all as Peter Pan and the Darling children’s adventure’s in Never Land were told with humour in this fun and enjoyable version which entertained from beginning to end.

The two and a half-hour long play is the first major performance put on by the Prospect Playhouse since repairs began following Hurricane Ivan and is the culmination of months of rehearsals.

The performance includes a cast of over 40 actors and actresses, ranging in age from as young as six up to 50 years of age.

Each character clearly had a love of the material in hand, giving a convincing performance which won over the theatre-going audience from the outset.

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The stage design, by Peter Pasold, was creative and imaginative; in part thanks to the Playhouse’s new and extended stage area allowing greater flexibility.

Backdrops continually changed throughout from the Darling’s nursery, to the magical world of Never Land, the woods, the pirates ship and Mariner’s Cove, delighting the audience throughout.

What made the performance even more spectacular were the flying scenes which had clearly been well rehearsed and mastered by actors and actresses who were surely nervous when they first took to the skies.

Performed for the very first time in Cayman, thanks to the Playhouse’s heightened stage ceiling, cast members were strapped into a hidden harness which enabled them to gracefully soar above the stage.

One scene in particular captured the imaginations of all, as the Darling children learnt to fly under the instruction of Peter Pan. The charming scene included dance routines while in flight, that the young actors and actresses perfected no doubt after hours of practice.

Almost every genre of dance was covered in the slick and professionally put together dance routines, which were in almost every scene, from ballet, tap and modern, all choreographed by dancer Linda Rayner.

Local director Colin Wilson added his own fun twist to the popular story, with references to the Cayman Islands throughout. The crocodile’s sexy ‘Crockettes’ had the audience in constant laughter as they strutted convincingly across the stage in a performance that could not fail to enrapture all.

Music and lyrics, by Andy Davison and directed by Chris Bowring, was performed with gusto by the cast and the catchy musical rhythms had the audience almost singing along with the cast.

This is undoubtedly amateur dramatics at its very best and is a performance not to be missed.

Performance dates are March 24, 25, 30 and 31 at 7pm, Sunday 26 March and 2 April at 3pm. Saturday 1 April at 3pm and 7pm. Tickets are available from Phillips Electrical on Shedden Road or from the box office by calling 949-5053. Tickets cost $20, $10 for children 16 and under.

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