Air arrivals still need to climb

Although tourist air arrivals for February 2006 are up 89.4 per cent on the previous year’s equivalent, it is still down 22 per cent on the year 2004, pre-Hurricane Ivan.

February’s 2006 figure stands at 25,004 for air arrivals, well up on 2005’s figure of 13,202. However, it is down 22 per cent on 2004’s figure of 32,022.

Hurricane Ivan struck in September 2004 causing great damage to tourism and air arrivals have been slowly climbing ever since. They have yet to meet pre-September 2004 levels, which had just recovered following another blow to tourism through 9/11.

Tourist cruise arrival figures for February 2006 (180,675) are down 10.45 per cent on last year’s figure for February – 201,761.

It is also down 6.4 per cent on 2004’s figure of 192,840.

2004 and 2005 have shown the highest tourist cruise arrivals for February in the Cayman Islands.

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