Scholars International first to qualify

West Bay’s Scholars International, after defeating North Side SC 1-0 this past weekend, has topped the Western Zone and are the first team to qualify for the 2005-2006 Foster’s National League Final Four semifinal playoff round. The other three positions are still up for grabs.

Scholars International

Roma handed Money Express a 2-0 loss Sunday at the Annex. Photo: Guy P. Harrison

While Future FC has one game remaining, rivals George Town SC and Latinos FC each have three. It’s any one’s guess which of the three will capture the remaining semi-final spot for the Western Zone.

While Money Express currently holds on to the top position in the Eastern Zone, they are showing signs of weakness. The team, unbeaten since the 2005 shortened season, has lost their last two matches 2/1 to Future FC and 2/0 to Roma United.

A big plus for the Eastern Zone leaders however, is that they still have three matches remaining while Roma United and North Side SC, who follows them closely on points, have only two. At this point if Money Express hopes to make it to the final four there is no room for errors.

Player-coach for Scholars International Colin ‘Dougie’ Rowe says that his team has been doing quite well in terms of training. ‘The team is pulling together tremendously. Though our training facilities are not 100% we are making the best of it; we were disappointed in the first knock out tournament so this time we are ready for whoever we will have to play. We are looking forward to getting to the final two.’

He also encouraged fans to come out and support their favorite teams. ‘Since there are generally not a lot of activities on weekend’s fans should come out and support us. We need their encouragement.’

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