Around 30 labour cases outstanding in the Brac

There are about 30 labour tribunal cases outstanding in Cayman Brac but a lesser number awaiting resolution in Grand Cayman, the Legislative Assembly heard.

In answer to a question on Thursday, Minister Alden McLaughlin said the Cayman Brac labour tribunal was appointed in December 2005.

Logistical arrangements were being made for the tribunal to sit there and cases would then be scheduled in date order, he said.

The membership of the labour tribunals in Grand Cayman was currently due for renewal and the process of recommending new appointees was in hand.

There were only about 18 cases awaiting resolution by a labour tribunal in Grand Cayman, said Mr. McLaughlin.

‘This is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the committed persons who sit on these tribunals, and who have contributed to the significant reduction in outstanding cases, which stood at 350 in 2000,’ he said.

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