Guidance notes issued for exempted employees

The Business Staffing Plan Board has introduced Guidance Notes to assist employers in designating exempted employees.

All employers are urged to use the document, which can be accessed on the Immigration website – – when considering and proposing exempted employees.

‘The designation of an exempted employee is a very significant matter,’ explained BSPB Chairperson Sophia Harris. ‘These guidance notes assist employers in providing full and specific information to the BSP Board in a format which will provide consistency and which will enable the Board to better analyze the data and make proper determination.’

The Board has also advised that all new applications from employers submitting a Business Staffing Plan should now be undertaken using a new form, also available on the immigration website.

Subject to confirmation by Law, the deadline for filing a business staffing plan is 31 December 2006.

The Business Staffing Plan Board is also pursuing web-based solutions to enable it to be more responsive to clients. For example, the Board’s Secretariat will soon be sending out letters via e-mail, with signed hard-copies following.

Persons submitting documents to the BSPB are encouraged to use the new mailbox located in the lobby of the Immigration Department.

‘This will alleviate some of the delays caused by the large volume of mail coming into the department’s central mailing room,’ said Ms Harris.

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