Don’t change bar times

As a regular visitor to Grand Cayman since the 1990s (my family and I even came for almost 2 weeks in December 2004!), I would like to express my firm opposition to the granting of early morning hours to the bars in town in order to accommodate the potential arrival of Easycruises.

One of the attractive points that we love about Cayman is its late night security and calm.

In contrast to the crime and violence that happens on other Carib islands, Cayman stands as a refreshing alternative where ladies can feel free to walk at night and families can stroll outside of their resort enclaves without fear.

To allow a cruise operator to try and dictate a change to Cayman’s basic character as a society simply for the sake of financial gain (both for him and for late-night bar operators on the island) would be a tragedy.

It would very likely fill Georgetown with violence and skirmishes after midnight as well as change the very ambiance of the island. Frankly, any realist knows that drinking after midnight can lead logically to no other destination.

I urge the alcohol authority to resist this attack on Cayman’s appeal to families like mine and many others. Tell Easycruises to go someplace else and be done with it!

Dr. Lon Solomon Merrifiel – Virginia, USA

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