Police crack down on buses

A road block operation cracking down on public transport safety offences was carried out by Bodden Town Police officers early Wednesday morning.

The operation was to ensure the safety of people who use the bus network.

Bus inspection

Officer Garcia inspects several buses headed to George Town for proper safety equipment Wednesday morning. Photo: Jewel Levy

Fifteen buses plying the eastern districts were pulled off the road in the vicinity of Lower Valley and warned for not having proper safety equipment on board such as a fire extinguisher, tow rope, first aid kit and running a route not on their agenda.

Of these, five will be referred to the Public Transport Board for various matters including not carrying fire extinguishers, failing to display identification and operating off their scheduled route, states a RCIPS release.

A number of West Bay drivers running the Eastern districts caught in the road trap were also warned.

Apparently these bus drivers leave as early as 5am from the West Bay district to pick up early morning commuters, drop them off in George Town and then return to their normal route in West Bay. This, said officers, creates an obstruction to other drivers running those routes.

‘We carried out this operation following concern raised from members of the public with regard to the manner in which buses are driven and the safety equipment they carry,’ said Area Commander Chief Inspector Adrian Seales in an RCIP press release.

‘Although we will not be prosecuting for any of the issues, the operation highlights that we take safety on the roads very seriously and hopefully will send a message to others that we will be checking on them.

‘We had a good response from the public and the passengers were very co-operative as well.

Officers held the group of drivers on site before releasing them with a strict warning to report to the station with the proper safety equipment before picking up any more passengers.

Passengers heading into George Town had to find other alternatives to get to town.

Passing motorists gave the thumbs up to police.

One bus driver who was positive of following proper safety precautions was only too happy to oblige police officers by digging through his trunk to produce the required equipment.

This crackdown comes in the light as part of an island-wide drive by police to bring motorist in line with the requirements of the law.

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