Parents need to step up

People say that the youth of today are the future. I don’t think they mean it though, because I have been to all the football games with the youth and you can count the parents present on one hand who come to support their children. The coaches play a big role in the children’s lives.

The president of the Cayman Islands Football Association needs to pay more attention to the assistant referees. We need them there all the time. And so we don’t have conflict between the coaches and the referee, the emergency crew needs to be there too. When the children get hurt, the coach shouldn’t have to take them to the hospital because the parents aren’t there.

Everyone knows how good it feels when your mother or father is there to cheer you on. When you cry for joy or pain, for getting hurt or being happy, comforting is good for them to get over that fear.

Cayman, wake up. The youth are the future and they need you now. Parents, your children need you to play big role in their life. If you don’t pay attention to your children they are going to become criminals, maybe a drug dealer or a drug user. We don’t want to see that happen to them.

Even you can take a couple of hours a day to show you care. If you don’t adore your children, why have them? We need to see more parents at Cayman football games. The youth are the future; let us lead them in the right way.

Noreen Dixon

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