The people behind Edie’s

As any successful business knows, employees are its most valuable resource.

And a committed staff has helped Edie’s Décor thrive for a quarter of a century.

‘Everyone works together really well,’ said Rhonda Edie, who owns and operates the company with husband Isaac Edie. ‘We’re a close-knit group.’

Edie’s Décor started out with just Mr. and Mrs. Edie at the helm. Today, it has 15 full-time employees who are committed to upholding the company’s reputation for personalised customer service.

‘We don’t have a large turnover of staff and one of the reasons is that we care about them and respect them for who they are,’ noted Mr. Edie. ‘Personally, I like to treat people as I would want them to treat me.’

Both say their employees often go the extra mile to ensure that customer service remains a cornerstone of the business. That sometimes means coming in on a day off or putting in extra hours to get the job done right.

‘Customers really appreciate the extra effort,’ said Mr. Edie.

And the Edie family is appreciative of their workers.

Among them is Roy Gillette, an installer who has been with Edie’s for 15 years.

‘He’s very efficient, very hardworking and very easy to get along with,’ said Mrs. Edie. ‘He’s also very flexible. He’ll even come in on his day off.’

Another long-serving employee is Angela Stewart, a drapery and upholstery specialist who has been with Edie’s Décor for a decade.

‘She is very talented,’ said Mrs. Edie. ‘Her work is meticulous.’

Doreen Nicholson, also a drapery and upholstery specialist, has been with Edie’s for seven years.

‘She is very skilled.’

Mr. and Mrs. Edie also have high praise for assistant manager Donovan Pearcy, who joined the company more than seven years ago.

‘He has been our right hand. He is a key player.’

Rounding out the staff is daughter Karen Edie, general manager; son Devon Edie, sales assistant and consultant; Donna Hunter, sales and soft furnishings; Althea Hunter, sales representative, flooring; Hannah Williams, head workroom specialist; Melba Gaurana, office assistant; Isaac Watson, warehouse foreman (who was named 2005 Employee of the Year); Jermaine Watson, warehouse helper; and Leslie West, installer/warehouse helper.

All combined, the Edie’s team brings more than 100 years of experienced to the business – and it shows.

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