Beach repairs almost complete

Cabinet Minister Arden McLean said a programme to repair all the beach facilities throughout the country is in its final few weeks.

Repairs at some of the beaches – like at Smith’s Barcadere – are already complete. Other repairs are trying to be completed in time for the Easter holiday, when residents traditionally set up camp on certain beaches for the long weekend.

Toilet facilities are a problem at some of the locations.

‘Two toilets are blocked [at the beach] in East End, and need to be replaced completely,’ said Mr. McLean. ‘Two in North Side need minor repairs. Hopefully they’ll be completed in the next two weeks because the beach is very active during Easter.’

Other news coming out of the Cabinet press briefing last Friday included:

• Radio Cayman’s Locksley Banks retired at the end of March, Minister McLean said, publicly thanking Mr. Banks for his many years of service.

• The Cayman Islands Post Office received a gold-level certificate from the Universal Postal Union, ranking sixth out of more than 190 countries, Minister McLean said. Barbados and St. Kitts & Nevis were the only post offices that ranked higher than Cayman in the Caribbean region.

• Minister Alden McLaughlin renewed his call for suitable persons to come forward to sit on Labour Tribunals, calling the Tribunals ‘a vital public service’.

• Health Minister Anthony Eden announced that a collaboration agreement between the Health Services Authority and St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine had been signed that will allow the George Town Hospital to be recognised as a teaching hospital.

• Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts said John Bryan Bothwell was appointed to the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Board of Directors last week, replacing Senator James Kelleher, an overseas director, whose three-year term expired on 25 March 2006.

• Mr. Tibbetts congratulated Jamaica’s new Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller for her ascendancy to power as only the third female leader in the English speaking Caribbean. Mrs. Simpson-Miller gives Cayman ‘reason to expect fresh approaches to old challenges’ with regard to its relation with Jamaica, Mr. Tibbetts said.

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