Crime Stoppers set to launch poster campaign

Cayman Crime Stoppers are about to launch a poster campaign to put the public even more in the picture about their activities.

The poster – which features a photograph of hundreds of people from Cayman who took part in a photo shoot in support of the organisation – is part of the Picture a Crime Free Cayman campaign.

Calls to 800-TIPS are continuing to come in and all but one had given positive results, said Crime Stoppers chairman Stuart Bostock.

And that remaining one was still under investigation, he told the Caymanian Compass.

So whilst the number of calls being received was not particularly high, they were in respect of serious crimes and were producing good results, he said.

And people were showing their public spiritedness by not collecting rewards for the information, he said.

‘We can still see there is room for improvement in the number of calls but the ones that have come in have proved the programme is a valuable tool for the community and law enforcement to help in solving crimes, some of which they might not even have known about,’ said Mr. Bostock.

‘I am pleased with the way it is going. We have a very active and aggressive board of directors continually coming up with new ideas,’ he said.

Mr. Bostock said there were a number of other things in the pipeline to coincide with the launch of the poster campaign and that they would like to launch Crime Stoppers into the school system.

Crime Stoppers is a non-governmental, voluntary organisation to assist the community in getting out valuable information to the police or other law enforcement agencies with complete anonymity, he said.

Anyone who wanted to volunteer their time, efforts or ideas to the Crime Stoppers programme should e-mail [email protected] or call Joanne at the Chamber of Commerce (949-8090).

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